Sudah 10 tahun PLKU ditubuhkan dan kini PLKU sudah mempunyai hampir 40 gelanggang dan jumlah keahlian melebihi 1,061 orang.


Anonymous said...

In this world YIP KUM FOOK is very lucky because he is a lawyer do not have to study law, also do not have to go to law school, other lawyers have to study law for up to six years to become a full lawyer

YIP KUM FOOK is a good friend of mine and he is a businessman as furniture items in Taman Daya, close to Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong and also he is like playing politics, in 1990 something he became MCA chairman in Taman Daya, Kepong…

Later, he became the president of SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong in 1994 something and he rejected the old president (Shia Kok Sun), then he took the presidency at that time, that everyone knows about it, in what happened at SAMNAK SAMBODHI

He wants to be a lawyer because he wants to play politics, many politicians have some degree or gradually in education, and he also follows people in what they have, he does not see himself from what he came, now many know the origin of YIP KUM FOOK as well…..

Ah Chin, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong

Anonymous said...

The largest rebel against Buddhists and Hindu in Malaysia is YIP KUM FOOK and he is a lawyer in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, maybe his lawyer is a fake certificate because he is not like someone who studied law. Lawyers must be at least 6 years to study, but we're the same age, but we've never seen him take that class because YIP KUM FOOK is busy with a furniture store business in Kepong area

He ordered the people to burn the Hindu Temple in Taman Daya, Kepong because at that time he was the MCA chairman in Taman Daya and he had power there, the other because he needed a place to set up his furniture shop business

In Buddhism, he was the president of SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong in 1994, before the president of the temple was SHIA KOK SUN, YIP KUM FOOK this joined the committee members then he rejected SHIA KOK SUN, then he took over as president

Happened at the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, from him taking over the presidential temple, was never peaceful and always a problem because he was a trouble maker, pushing the old committee and various making a mess in the Temple

Instead, he defrauded a Myanmar monk (ven. Nandiya) of about rm20,000.00, called police and gangster to remove the Buddhist monk, a monk is from Penang (Ven. Piya Dhammo), and ordered his group to lock down the temple

YIP KUM FOOK will receive his Karma in what he does, all the GODS have seen and always commented on him and he will suffer forever in this life and the next life… all need to care about YIP KUM FOOK…

Description by Cikgu Cheong

This is with your message Excellent and please share with everyone .... thank you ... by Hindu groups in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

About YIP KUM FOOK, it is better to you are escape from the Kepong area because you were my good friend in the previous days until today

YIP KUM FOOK better leave Kuala Lumpur area because someone to report to police and Sentul Police Station and Breakfield Police Station want you

We know you make more mistakes but you can't run away from the country's laws, on last time you can solve problems with pay money to shut people-mouth up, but now it's different, now is the age of technology like the internet

I hope, you will understand me what I said in the verses above, I love you in my heart like my brother and I will protect you from what people gossip about you..ok

Lee, Selayang

Anonymous said...

man like YIP KUM FOOK (MCA GOMBAK) is too heavy to live in this world because he was born to destroy others, he cheated and harassed monks (Sangha), and he did not benefit others, why does he want to live longer? die better a person like this

but YIP KUM FOOK doesn't know the Sangha, he doesn't know the Buddhist monk community, he easily destroyed Buddhist monks and drove Buddhist monks out of the temple, maybe he was convinced to do destroy Buddhist monks

you study law but you do not understand Buddhist teachings and practices of Dharma, how do you know the rules of Buddhist monks, if you know Buddhist karma, you will not mistakenly disturb the Buddhist monks, if you are in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and others. You will be shaken and suffer

shared by Goh, Kajang

Anonymous said...

Anonymous22 March 2022 at 18:16
Sila kongsi dan majukan kepada semua rakan-rakan

Kami ingin memaklumkan kepada semua tentang YIP KUM FOOK, presiden KUIL BUDDHA SAMNAK SAMBODHI, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, YIP KUM FOOK tidak pernah memalukan orang ramai tentang beliau selalu berbohong, menipu, menghina ajaran Buddha, dll.

Baru-baru ini ramai yang memperkatakan tentang perwatakannya, sebelum ini dia seorang pemandu lori yang menghantar perabot ke mana-mana, kemudian dia belajar kursus undang-undang di beberapa universiti tetapi kita tidak tahu dia belajar kursus atau tidak kerana dia tidak tahu undang-undang, dia menipu orang. dimana - mana. dan bagaimana peguam boleh menipu orang tanpa rasa takut pada undang-undang

Harap semua orang harus mengambil berat tentang nama ini YIP KUM FOOK (PEGUAM ATAU MCA GOMBAK PENGERUSI DAN PRESIDEN KUIL BUDDHA SAMNAK SAMBODHI), juga perlu dikongsi dan dimajukan kepada semua. Jika tersilap langkah, anda akan kehilangan segala-galanya, lelaki atau YIP KUM FOOK ini sangat bahaya dan anaknya (YIP JIUN HANN) juga yang paling bahaya.


Anonymous said...

The last time YIP KUM FOOK set fire to a Hindu temple in Taman Daya, Hindus kept quiet after he and his group and two policemen came to harass a Buddhist monk at the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, now the news is getting slower people are listening, and many people are not satisfied with what he did before

In Buddhist rule, anyone who disturbs and makes sangha broken, that people will fall into hell when they alive as like Devadatta, who tried to kill Buddha but was unsuccessful, YIP KUM FOOK this should care, now karma will be active anytime.

Everyone has to be careful and live from him because YIP KUM FOOK is a very dirty mind and he is a lawyer but doesn't know whether he is or not, he is a lawyer because he is in the furniture business, so(how) he can study law, the laws have to study for 6 years.

Sharing by :
Wat Thai Mon - Kulim Cai Bo Hin Kulim Temple

Anonymous said...

YIP KUM FOOK main politik di Kuil Buddha (SAMNAK SAMBODHI), dia tolak AJK yang siapa lawan dengan dia, AJK dari pengasas YIP KUM FOOK pun tolak, YIP KUM FOOK ni hati sangat fikirannya kotor dan jahat manusia.

YIP KUM FOOK sangat bodoh dan kurang pendidikan, kalau dia pandai, dia tak akan kacau dan menolak Ven. Phra Piya Dhammo keluar dari Kuil Buddha(SAMNAK SAMBODHI), jika dia cukup pandai, dia perlu menyemak dulu Ven. Phra Piya Dhammo ialah siapa dan dari mana?

Anda seorang peguam dan DATUK tak boleh berfikir dalam perkara biasa, ini amat memalukan kepada Sultan Selangor yang memberi gelar Datuk kepada anda, jika Sultan Selangor tahu perkara ini, Sultan Selangor mengambil kembali gelaran itu.

Seperti undang-undang bersekutu Malaysia mengetahui tentang anda menipu orang, mereka akan menutup pejabat peguam anda (YIP KUM FOOK & ASSOCIATES, Kuala Lumpur No. 2A & B, Jalan 53, Desa Jaya, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur), jika anda benar-benar belajar undang-undang, mungkin anda tidak melakukan (tak berani) membuat kejahatan seperti itu


Anonymous said...

The committee of the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, the committee (YIP KUM FOOK) is red-eyed and jealous when they saw the monks have money, they planned to take money from the monks, who lived there would suffer and be dissatisfied. This is true at the Taman Desa Jaya Buddhist Temple

their temple committee members have felt nothing, so many people complain about the internet, they also like to know nothing, you must know Buddhists not only in Taman Desa Jaya and Buddhists all over the world have believed and practiced Buddha Dhamma, Our Buddha is not enforcing you to believe his teaching understand!

Don’t destroy the Dhamma and destroy the Sangha in Buddhism because we know you all are not interested in Buddhist teachings, you destroy the Sangha and you are not a Buddhist practice, you have to raise money from people’s donations only

Who are kicked monks out from Temple or who related kicked monks, that people will heavy karma in their life in this life and next life, also your family generation life unstable in forever. If you are going somewhere, the others will kick you out from society, this is results of karma

We know this YIP KUM FOOK well and we are known YIP KUM FOOK from him is a furniture shop business and truck driver to deliver furniture in Desa Jaya, Kepong, run an MCA party in Taman Daya, Kepong but you are in business, we are proud to be happy with you but not interfering with any religion

We are writing this message over the internet because we want to warn you not to commit crimes against Buddhists (Sangha) anymore, you are the Datuk, the law, the president of any society, we don’t care, thank you very much.

Sharing by people in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong and we are love Buddhist teaching

Anonymous said...

Karpal studied at St. Xavier's Institution and received his Bachelor of Laws from the National University of Singapore, where he was president of the student union. He was barred from his hostel for protesting the university's decision to mandate certificates of political suitability for incoming students.

Karpal said he TOOK SEVEN YEARS TO GRADUATE, admitting that he was "playful" and "didn't attend lectures”. After failing his final-year courses, the dean made him sit at the front of his classes; according to Karpal, "I couldn't play the fool anymore and I passed my exams accordingly!

Datuk YIP KUM FOOK is also a lawyer but he has a different lifestyle, we have many lawyer friends, and they are very kind and compassionate people, this YIP KUM FOOK (lawyer) to suck people's money only

Many people don’t know about YIP KUM FOOK where, or at which university did he get a degree in law? we are too suspicious of him because he is cheating people everywhere and please be careful with him

YIP KUM FOOK is also the president of the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION and he is also a Datuk ship or Datuk title of the Sultan of Selangor

Sharing by Lai, Kepong Hulu

Anonymous said...

Sekarang adalah SAMNAK SAMBODHI (Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong) ialah tempat menyimpan hantu dan tempat membuang hantu oleh presiden YIP KUM FOOK (MCA Gombak) kerana presiden ini dalam perkara yang lebih kotor di kuil, dia tidak fikir dia sendiri adalah hantu besar dan syaitan di Malaysia, dari dulu hingga sekarang tidak pernah berhenti buat jahat, hari ini ramai orang Kepong tahu tentang dia dan apa yang dia buat

Sekarang kawan dia musuh dia sebab dia curang dengan kawan karib dia, lepas dia tipu dan jual sebidang tanah di Johor kat Encik Lim dan Encik Lim bayar dia semua, lepas tu Encik Lim nak tengok tanah tu. tetapi tidak ada tanah, Encik Lim adalah yang terakhir mengupah peguam untuk mendapatkan wang itu balik

YIP KUM FOOK tidak berasa malu dan dia sangat bodoh untuk menipu orang, mungkin dari generasi atuk dan nenek, YIP KUM FOOK seperti manusia tidak mudah mati kerana dia perlu menderita di dunia ini untuk masa yang lama, semua yang dia lakukan atau buat, dan semua akan berpindah kepada anak-anaknya akan dapat derita

menambahkan sangat penting untuk menjadi presiden kuil (persatuan Buddha), ini adalah banyak dosa dan karma berat untuk mengikuti ajaran Buddha, agama Buddha bukan untuk anda bermain dan menghina, kerana agama Buddha adalah agama manusia hormati seluruh dunia

satu hari nanti dia akan terima apa yang dia buat, awak tak boleh lari dari apa yang awak buat, awak akan hidup sendiri dan tanpa kawan..kita bersama menolak orang jahat di Malaysia dan kita sayang Malaysia

Daripada Rakyat Kepong (Mr. Ng & Mr. Lim)

Anonymous said...

We hope the ruler of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Cancel or revoke this title of Datuk ship DATUK YIP KUM FOOK叶金福 because he is very bad in the Chinese community in Malaysia, also very disturbed Buddhist monks, anyone can write a letter to the Sultan of Selangor to inform about MCA YIP KUM FOOK叶金福

We also hope that everyone loves Malaysia, do not mess it up and don't like other people, only then can we live in this country in peace and happiness. DATUK YIP KUM FOOK叶金福 is very proud of himself, now the world is different from the past and now many people have education, you cannot fool them

DATUK YIP KUM FOOK叶金福made the Samnak Sambodhi Buddhist Temple (吉隆坡甲洞帝沙再也三宝) destroyed and now the Temple is near to collapse because he is playing politics in the temple, everyone know about that

Sharing by Tony Toh & friends

Anonymous said...

wahai semua penganut agama Buddha,

YIP KUM FOOK (MCA Gombak) adalah kesilapan yang paling besar kerana dia menghalau sami dari Kuil Buddha (SAMNAK SAMBODHI) Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur ... dia tidak tahu bahawa kuil itu diasaskan oleh Sami Buddha ini, dia hanya menjadi presiden kuil, dan sekarang ramai orang bercakap tentang apa yang dia lakukan dengan Sami Buddha.

Buddha adalah 2500 tahun yang lalu tetapi tidak pernah mendengar yang baru seperti itu, dia boleh berbuat seperti itu, semoga anda menghina dan memberontak kepada Buddhisme dan anda adalah relatif dan memusnahkan Buddha dalam kehidupan terdahulu... anda adalah jawatankuasa kuil tetapi tidak pernah tahu tentang ajaran Buddha sama sekali, jika anda tahu apa yang Buddha ajar, anda tidak akan melakukan perkara sedemikian atau perkara tersebut

YIP KUM FOOK (MCA Gombak) dan pasukan dia sangat gembira kerana mereka berjaya mengeluarkan Sami Buddha dari kuil Buddha tetapi anda tidak tahu apa yang akan berlaku di belakang, semua yang anda(mereka) lakukan akan tercatat dalam fikiran orang dan semuanya tidak dapat dipadamkan dari fikiran orang

kini kuil menjadi tempat pembuangan malang olih jawatankuasa, dan juga ramai penganut yang mengetahuinya, jadi penganut cina tempatan tidak berjalan di kuil, hanya penganut Myanmar sahaja yang masuk, mereka masuk kerana Sami Buddha Myanmar bermastautin di kuil.. jawatankuasa kuil mengupah mereka untuk menjaga kuil

Rakyat Desa Jaya, Kepong

Anonymous said...

If you or DATUK YIP KUM FOOK AND SON (YIP JUIN HANN) are stuck, it is no wonder you might start feeling anxious and worried about what your professor will think of you when he sees your work.

Now many people about you what you do with people, and now God declares in you, you will suffer for a lifetime, your family will also fall apart forever

Ms Yap, Kepong

Anonymous said...

We would like to inform the public about DATUK YIP KUM FOOK at SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, he and his team are very proud of themselves for successfully repelling Buddhist worshipers and monks from the temple

DATUK YIP KUM FOOK (MCA Gombak) also does politics in the Buddhist temple, sometimes he asks devotees to copy the IC to take everywhere, if the believers do not give the IC, he is messed up, and this is a bad idea. We will send a letter to all MCA offices in Malaysia and his son (YIP JIUN HANN) in Gombak MCA but soon will be the same as his father (DATUK YIP KUM FOOK)

How many people know about him and how he wants to run, karma Buddha will punish him and even now, MCA will fall soon, if PAKATAN wins pru15, sure he will go crazy

Kepong DAP member

Anonymous said...

DATUK YIP KUM FOOK will fall into the hot hell of millions of lives because he was destroyed of Buddhist Sangha in the present life or the past life, this is very pity for him but never wakes up from his thoughts. In the teachings of Buddhism, which corrupts society, it is a very serious sin.

He is not respected because he thinks; he is the King in Malaysia. Even the king of Thailand respects all the Sangha, maybe this Datuk has never been to Thailand because he doesn't know how to respect people's culture.. This is very embarrassing for the Buddhist world and the Buddhist community in Malaysia.

Now SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE (Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong) belongs to him, last time this Buddhist Temple is very famous because many Buddhist monks from various countries come to practice Dhamma because there is a master monk who is very expert in his skills, now the committee hires some Myanmar monks to take care of the Temple only

From and sharing by Buddhist Group Bukit Desa, Kepong

Anonymous said...



马华,以及雪州联委会副主席拿督叶金福(yip kum fook),还算是人吗?





Anonymous said...

DATUK YIP KUM FOOK will suffer for creating the sin of Buddhist teaching, that heavy sin causes the agent to be reborn in hell immediately after death. There are five such sins: killing one's mother, killing one's father, killing an arahant (saint), injuring the body of a Buddha, and causing disunity in the Buddhist community

Now he has no friends because many people know that he has done bad things to people, his friends run away from him, later he will be alone, he has a lot of money but it is useless because he has no friends, it is a pity

SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, was very popular before he (DATUK YIP KUM FOOK) became the committee because many people supported our Master (head monk), our Master is from Kelantan, he is also BUMIPUTERA, he can speak Malay is very good, it's very sad for our people

When our master opened SAMNAK SAMBODHI in Taman Ehsan (1989), at that time, we were very happy and we hope that this temple will be successful in the future; we hope that everyone remembers SAMNAK SAMBODHI before.

Sharing by Uncle Lim, Taman Ehsan, Kepong…

Anonymous said...

DATUK YIP KUM FOOK is various bribe money of the Buddhist temple or SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION because he is the president of the Temple; also all the old members, committee and resident monks rejected. Now he hires Myanmar Buddhist monks to guard the temple because the Myanmar monks do not know what he is doing.

We need to complain to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia) because this is what makes Buddhism destroyed and of low value in the future, this Datuk Yip Kum Fook also cheats people's money and cheats women for sex everywhere...he also has a lawyer's office in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong. This office to catch customers and now the internet is full of people's comments and posts

We hope the Malaysian government will act quickly on Datuk Yip Kum Fook, the Chinese community said, he has more houses and money but the property is not his name, it is a name for his relatives.

Share by Ms Ng and friends

Anonymous said...


有关马來西亜,吉隆坡,甲洞帝沙再也 (暹寺) 三宝寺 Samnak Sambodhi Buddhist Association No.19-21 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 所发生的纠纷, 经过阅读了,Venerable Phra Piya Thammo 和尚及叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook) 的双方书信之后, 再经实地旁听了觧,做为中间人,我要客观实事的说:

1.当一个和尚、初出道 (小学生),在修行, 若有缺点, 那是难免.他马华公会鹅唛區会主地席叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook),却心眼看不顺,就电招警万到耒佛教之圣地要扣畄和尚耒耻唇出家人, 这是绝对不许可, 除非是殺人放火之大罪悪.

2.他身为马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook),却反其道而行, 在佛寺不依佛法而軽视佛教的精神, 以傲慢的手段,帶领一般黑社会的人耒挑衅和尚打架, 这也是不该有、更不是佛教修行者的行为.

3.佛教的圣地, 其主要的目地, 是让眾生修佛道, 不是政治争執的地方. 他马华公会鹅唛区会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook), 却利用佛教之圣地当政治活动的场所。如此果敢冒犯佛陀的教誨,更是大大的罪悪。

囯有囯章,彿有佛法,家有家规. 如果出家人有何不对之处, 他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook), 为何不向主持和尚投?让出家人自依和尚的條规处理、却强权一味要显示他是马华公会鹅唛区会及三宝寺理事会主席, 无法无天的应用霸道手段践踏佛教之圣地.为什么。。。。。为什么.

至今, 他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook),不当不歉愧,还要狡辩, 这又证明了他说一套, 做的又是另一套, 囗是心非, 所谓的两舌, 相当阴险. 身为律师, 受高深教育, 却应用如此悪毒, 横蛮无礼的作风污辱和尚, 相等于是耻辱佛教伩仰者。他叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook)不向主持和尚投诉, 却自承英雄,电招外耒者.请问,身为將近20年的三宝寺主持和尚兼顾问,也是第一位 自筹建寺的大功臣,在大马南傳泒中,是闻名遐邇的高僧.其脸要放在那裡?同样的,要是台湾星雲大师的佛寺沙彌犯錯, 理事会没有礼貌自作主张,电招警方要扣畄其沙彌.我敢请问!星雲大师的自尊是怎样的感受?他叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook)是后耒者,担任理会主席也不久, 竟敢应用如此,目无尊長的方式对待住持,间接的就是告大家,强迫住持和尚必远離,雀巢鸠要佔。这种用心不良, 有老千之谋, 的确令人不敢恭维。

縱观以上几项重点,我不是盲目的護持三宝, 而是要坦白的说;他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook) 身受高深教育, 为律师者,本应通情达理才是,但遗憾的是, 却令人惊觉, 他厡耒就是彿书裡所讲的狡猾且残忍的此颣人。他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook),利用他的专业知識, 懂得包裝自己的道德守則,以宗教为幌子手,到处募款,商业经营, 政治活动为重, 并没依循佛教宗教守则行事, 也没对人道作出任何貢献, 只不过借宗教之名捞取权和私利而己。

在此, 我奉劝, 他马华公会鹅唛区会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook), 好自为之, 免因果報应.

shared by boon kiat

Anonymous said...

Datuk YIP KUM FOOK will lose MCA and he will give back the Dato title to the Sultan of Selangor, if he does not return the title, he will suffer because the title makes him have a lot of money and power in Malaysia, when he is in the MCA party, he is very proud and act to other people of the Chinese community in Kepong

We are Chinese in Malaysia but we also have the power to speak for rights, we will protect our community to live in harmony and happiness for our children in the future and we can choose any politics in the country... last time MCA forced us to gather parties but now we are free in politics

The last time was at the Buddhist Temple or the SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION in Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong...and we had to copy our IC to give Datuk YIP KUM FOOK because he and his group said, want to helped us in various matters, finally we found out that he collects our IC. to play politics

We also need to write to inform our Malaysian PM to know our problem with Datuk YIP KUM FOOK, he made us and our Buddha / Buddhist monks problem.

Shared by Ah Boon and friends

Anonymous said...

We know this Datuk Yip Kum Fook, he is not a real lawyer, he hired a lawyer because he wanted to play politics and he was MCA Chairman in Taman Daya, Kepong at the time, he followed some people like Lee Kuan Yew and some others… Others want to play politics; they need to have any degree from universities or institutions abroad and local

Lee Kuan Yew, he joined the Laycock and Ong law firm founded by British lawyer John Laycock. Laycock was a co-founder of the pro-British Progressive Party and Lee represented the party during the 1951 legislative council election as an election agent. Lee was called to the Singapore bar on 7 August 1951.

Datuk Yip Kum Fook, we don't know which university he graduated from in England....don't play around studying law, you have to be smart and study for more than six years, today to study law you have to spend more than a million ringgit because I know my son, he studied law in the UK before

Study law you have to study in English because you studied in the have to think really hard don't make people can laugh at (you) brother...we know where you come from, if you want to deceive people why don't you go a little further

Shared by Mr. Lim, Sg. Buluh

Anonymous said...

Kini, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong adalah satu berita yang sangat buruk kerana salah seorang ahli politik melakukan kerja kotor di Kuil Buddha dan membawa sistem politik bermain di kuil sehingga ahli masyarakat lari dan presiden Kuil ini (Samnak Sambodhi). ) ialah Datuk Yip Kum Fook yang merupakan bekas pengerusi MCA di Taman Daya , Kepong dan pengerusi MCA Gombak

Lelaki ini (Datuk Yip) selalu menelefon polis untuk menangkap sami Buddha dan menutup pintu Kaabah untuk tidak membenarkan sami Buddha masuk untuk menginap, semua sami Buddha terpaksa menyewa hotel untuk seketika...Mr Tan dan Kelemahan Encik Wah pada hari itu, pasukannya, samseng dan dua anggota polis datang mengganggu Ven. Phra Piyadhamma (Pulau Pinang atau bekas CID dari Singapura)

Sejak kejadian itu, ramai penganut meninggalkan kuil kerana di kuil, mereka melakukan perkara yang tidak baik, kini jawatankuasa mengambil sami Buddha Myanmar untuk berkhidmat kerana mereka tidak mengambil berat tentang masalah Kuil sebelum ini atau Datuk Yip Kum Fook...ini seorang yang sangat kotor kerana dia boleh menipu semua orang

Kini Datuk Yip Kum Fook dan pasukannya akan menderita dan terluka kerana ramai yang tahu apa yang berlaku...ada yang ramai tidak suka Datuk Yip Kum Fook dan dia akan tahu apakah dosa terbesar dalam agama Buddha?

Dikongsi oleh Ah Wah, Selayang Jaya

Anonymous said...

Datuk Yip Kum Fook former MCA Gombak, now MCA Gombak his son (Lawrence Yip), this is also like father, he really walks like father because he looks like a cat eating fish but this is more blind, everyone needs to be careful, if there is who mistakenly associate with them, that people will be unlucky, they will eat all your luck

People are not interested in MCA because this group wants to destroy of MCA, get power from MCA; there is more power of MCA to stir up people like that to damage Buddhist monks in Buddhist Temples and put fire of Hindu Temples (Taman Daya) in the Kepong area. Now many people are saying that Datuk Yip Kum Fook did bad things to people in the past, in the future he will live in Kepong with more suffering and unhappiness...

We are Chinese and MCA members, and also Buddhists, now it is very difficult to find an MP to help us because our MCA MP is gone, now Chinese Malaysians are suffering more and more because there is no one to help us..we are very bad fate and hardship

Mr Simon Low Kok Meng is spy and security guard, for example: Spies can then return information such as the size and strength of enemy Datuk Yip or others. They can also find dissidents within the organization and influence them to provide more information or defect. In times of crisis, spies steal technology and sabotage the enemy in various ways.

Some explained about Datuk Yip Kum Fook and wrote a message by Jeffrey Liew, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong

Anonymous said...

We have been with Datuk YIP KUM FOOK for a long time, since he and his family live near Taman Ehsan roundabout and I respect him because he is the chairperson of Taman Daya MCA there and works hard for our people in Kepong area, which makes people happy and the place is peaceful.

In addition, he is a lawyer, many of our Chinese community look to him to solve the problems of some cases because at that time the MCA party had more power, so he could step into the parliament in Malaysia, he was very lucky to get such an opportunity, it was not easy

Since he made a mistake about the removal of Buddhist monks from SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHIST TEMPLE and cheated Myanmar Buddhist monks of money (funds), his luck is slow down and then more people are gossiping on the internet and from that day (reason) until today he is your luck unbalanced because.. Anyone who disturbs Sangha who that people will fall into a hot hell forever…

DATUK YIP KUM FOOK! You have been my friend for a long time, you had better return the title of Datuk to the Sultan of Selangor or any title of Datuk back to Sultan because that title is also useless, now many people know about you and your family...some people say about you, you are who is evil and deceives women and others

From and shared by Mr (Uncle Lim, Taman Ehsan)
Writing message by son

Anonymous said...

Simon Low Kok Meng ialah Datuk Yip Kum Fook adik ipar dan CID, kerana membawa maklumat berita kepada keluarga datuk Yip, kena berhati-hati dengan mereka, selalu mendatangkan masalah kepada orang kepong dan Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong, sekarang ramai yang tahu tentang apa yang mereka lakukan

Semua perkara yang mereka lakukan seperti membakar Kuil Hindu (Taman Daya) dan mengeluarkan sami-sami Buddha dari Samnak Sambodhi atau kuil Buddha di Taman Desa jaya, kepong...juga MCA runtuh kerana mereka juga, mereka mendapat kuasa untuk mendapatkan wang dan untuk mereka berniaga

Cina, India, Melayu dan lain-lain perlu berhati-hati yang tinggal di Kepong, kerana golongan ini boleh melakukan sesuatu kepada semua orang. Datuk Yip Kum Fook ialah seorang peguam (YIP KUM FOOK & ASSOCIATES) No 2A & 2B, Tingkat 2, Jalan 53, Desa Jaya Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan... tetapi ada orang atau kawan-kawannya berkata, Datuk Yip Kum Fook bukan peguam sebenar, kerana Datuk Yip membeli sijil dari beberapa institut undang-undang di UK sahaja

Kami berharap kini presiden Malaysia (Datuk Seri Anwar) akan menyemak Datuk Yip Kum Fook kerana banyak komen dan posting di internet, dan ramai orang mengesyaki melakukan projek haram dan kesilapan undang-undang di Malaysia

Perkongsian dan siaran oleh Encik Chong dan keluarga, Kepong

Anonymous said...

请远离马华党员 叶金福!
现在世界各先进国都盡力保存佛教的文化和保护佛教的僧侶,但马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak Chairman) 却反其道而行, 帶一般流垊到佛教埾地(SAMNAK SAMBODHI THAI BUDDHIST TEMPLE, NO: 19 JALAN 38 TAMAN DESA JAYA KEPONG 52100 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA)試圄摧毁佛教文化, 挑衅和打架, 并电招警方人員要扣留佛寺沙彌, 这种不按佛教條规, 軽视佛教精神的行动, 对世界佛教信徒实有侮辱之举, 的确令人不敢恭维.

除此之马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak)也利用杖势, 連众人朝拜的印度廟TAMAN DAYA, KEPONG, KUALA LUMPUR 放火燒毁把土地佔为已有, 马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook, MCA Gombak Chairman)这种冒犯宗教的不良行为, 已引起廣大的大马人民愤怒而不满, 所以, 在耒屇的大选, 希望马华公会的中央领神, 能深明大義, 对此娄党员, 最好疏薳距离, 以免影响选票, 造成马华公会大大的败北, 遗恨江山此致, 并祝安康, 工作快乐.

sharing by chong taman ehsan, kepong

Anonymous said...

margeemar: pro umno mca is anti buddhist in malaysia
有关马來西亜,吉隆坡,甲洞帝沙再也 (暹寺) 三宝寺 Samnak Sambodhi Buddhist Association No.19-21 Jalan 38 Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 所发生的纠纷, 经过阅读了,Venerable Phra Piya Thammo 和尚及叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook) 的双方书信之后, 再经实地旁听了觧,做为中间人,我要客观实事的说:
1.当一个和尚、初出道 (小学生),在修行, 若有缺点, 那是难免.他马华公会鹅唛區会主地席叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook),却心眼看不顺,就电招警万到耒佛教之圣地要扣畄和尚耒耻唇出家人, 这是绝对不许可, 除非是殺人放火之大罪悪.
2.他身为马华公会鹅唛區会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook),却反其道而行, 在佛寺不依佛法而軽视佛教的精神, 以傲慢的手段,帶领一般黑社会的人耒挑衅和尚打架, 这也是不该有、更不是佛教修行者的行为.
3.佛教的圣地, 其主要的目地, 是让眾生修佛道, 不是政治争執的地方. 他马华公会鹅唛区会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook), 却利用佛教之圣地当政治活动的场所。如此果敢冒犯佛陀的教誨,更是大大的罪悪。
囯有囯章,彿有佛法,家有家规. 如果出家人有何不对之处, 他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook), 为何不向主持和尚投?让出家人自依和尚的條规处理、却强权一味要显示他是马华公会鹅唛区会及三宝寺理事会主席, 无法无天的应用霸道手段践踏佛教之圣地.为什么。。。。。为什么.
至今, 他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook),不当不歉愧,还要狡辩, 这又证明了他说一套, 做的又是另一套, 囗是心非, 所谓的两舌, 相当阴险. 身为律师, 受高深教育, 却应用如此悪毒, 横蛮无礼的作风污辱和尚, 相等于是耻辱佛教伩仰者。他叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook)不向主持和尚投诉, 却自承英雄,电招外耒者.请问,身为將近20年的三宝寺主持和尚兼顾问,也是第一位 自筹建寺的大功臣,在大马南傳泒中,是闻名遐邇的高僧.其脸要放在那裡?同样的,要是台湾星雲大师的佛寺沙彌犯錯, 理事会没有礼貌自作主张,电招警方要扣畄其沙彌.我敢请问!星雲大师的自尊是怎样的感受?他叶金福律师(Yip Kum Fook)是后耒者,担任理会主席也不久, 竟敢应用如此,目无尊長的方式对待住持,间接的就是告大家,强迫住持和尚必远離,雀巢鸠要佔。这种用心不良, 有老千之谋, 的确令人不敢恭维。
縱观以上几项重点,我不是盲目的護持三宝, 而是要坦白的说;他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook) 身受高深教育, 为律师者,本应通情达理才是,但遗憾的是, 却令人惊觉, 他厡耒就是彿书裡所讲的狡猾且残忍的此颣人。他叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook),利用他的专业知識, 懂得包裝自己的道德守則,以宗教为幌子手,到处募款,商业经营, 政治活动为重, 并没依循佛教宗教守则行事, 也没对人道作出任何貢献, 只不过借宗教之名捞取权和私利而己。
在此, 我奉劝, 他马华公会鹅唛区会主席叶金福律师 (Yip Kum Fook), 好自为之, 免因果報应.

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